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- No person shall fly a model at the club fields at any time unless they can demonstrate they are an INSURED, FINANCIAL Member of Westcoast Soarers or other MAAA associated club, or a 'bona fide’ visitor.

- Members will abide by all VMAA and MAAA rules.

- All flying at any field must cease immediately when so directed by the field owners.

- NO ADMITTANCE & NO FLYING at any site on days of TOTAL FIRE BAN.

- No transmitter shall be turned on without a key in the appropriate frequency slot in the keyboard, or hung on the 2.4GHZ board. Only VMAA/MAAA approved keys shall be used. The members name shall be placed on the key.

- No key is to be inserted OR removed by anyone EXCEPT the pilot with the transmitter, (in other words, DO NOT ask somebody else to install or remove your key. You are responsible for it).

- Instructors are responsible for the correct placement of trainee’s Frequency keys.

- Members shall remain vigilant of low flying aircraft and land immediately if one is detected flying low over the field.

- Twenty minutes key time is allowed if other pilots are using the frequency or one of the thirty 2.4 GHz slots.

- No aircraft shall be flown closer than 30 metres or at any height over any person not involved in the operation of the aircraft.

- Members are not to drive across the landing strip at the flat field while aircraft are flying.

- A visitor is entitled to fly with a club member at club sites a maximum of 3 times (and only in company of a current member), and then they must join the club if they wish to continue using the sites. This does not mean three (3) times at each site, it is three (3) times total.

- Members shall accept responsibility for flying safely at all times and at all times shall request the public and other members to abide by these rules.

The Committee reserves the right to amend these rules. A change becomes effective on publication on the Webpage, posted to members email, brought up at meetings, or posted at the flying fields.


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