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On this page you will find links to helpful webpages and also general helpful things.

Three items reproduced with very kind permission of Paul Riseborough of the RAAF Williams Model Club.

First is a word document that covers: Battery Advancements (talks about LiPo batteries), also how to calculate how much power is needed for your model, and finally Geared Vs Direct Drive.

Next we have an Excel Spreadsheet for working out E FLIGHT MOTOR DATA

And finally an Excel Spreadsheet for working out E FLIGHT THRUST CALCULATOR

Thanks very much to Paul Riseborough for allowing us to use these.

General Information

a PDF on Slope Soaring and Thermal Gliding (4MB)

A handy link to make a power supply you can use to run 12V appliances like battery chargers, etc from within the house.

This page covers almost every aspect of RC Flying.. as well as other things.

This page has calculators for Mean Aerodynamic Chord, Neutral Point, Center of Gravity, and Weight & Balance

This page Tells you all about CoG and how to check it. Very handy if you are new to the hobby.

A handy Wing Loading Calculator

An idea to replace switches and charging jacks on models. Saves having wires exposed.

Some handy Flying Wing Tips that can be used on other aircraft as well.

This page has a few links to various sources for information on mainly brushless motors. Including forums and manufacturers pages so that you can find the best motor for your model.

This page has a heap of information on setting up an electric model.. and also other handy stuff.

Use this page to compare various electric motors with other brands.



Is it good flying weather???

Click on above link to find out.