Westcoast Soarers Geelong


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Moving in for the kill!!!!!

Nearly got it. Note the evasive manoeuvre.

Action shot of eagle grabbing Lauries Jazz whilst flying out at Maude.

Look just to left of centre.. you can see the eagle. It is going for the white combat wing in middle.

Getting closer!!!


Just hanging around.

Eagle coming from behind the trees.

Nice shot!!

Eagle hit Andrew.. Andrew hit the tree. Note the damage control rod from the eagle hit. Also snapped the aileron.

2 of the 4 eagles playing the day.

In for the kill.

Note the evasive manoeuvre.

About to hit.

The race is on.

Not fast enuff.

1 eagle and 2 wings.




Too slow.

This is gonna be messy

The chase is on.

Nice shot.

Missed again.

Thank you for coming.

Run Away!!!

Bye Bye Aido.

The big girl herself.

Legs down for the attack.

Eagle with the Bird Of Prey in its grasp. How appropriate!!

Eagle with the tail of the Bird Of Prey. Not a good sight!!

And away we go.. after ripping the tail off the Bird Of Prey which promptly went into a flat spin to the ground.