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  Fred's Electric Tom Boy

Fred's Electric Tom Boy on landing

Fred's Diesel Tom Boy climbing out

Fred about to launch his diesel Tom Boy

Frank with his DG1000

Frank's DG1000 in flight after an Aerotow.

Aido's CMPRo Ventus

Aido's Ventus about to land after the maiden flight.

Mushy with his Pulse XT converted to electric.

The Pulse XT in flight. Great colour scheme makes it very easy to see.

Aido with his CMPro Ventus

Frank's Bipe in action.

Nich's Quiet Storm

Frank's indoor Bipe Outdoors

Andrew with his Bird's of  Prey

Club meeting out at the flat field. Doing it hard. BBQ.. drinks.. and having to go for a fly.

Frank with his Red Baron biplane he converted to electric.

Nich's Stepp Up 3.3M thermal glider looping.
Nich's Stepp Up 3.3M zipping along the slope Nich's Stepp Up 3.3M climbing out
Here is Fred's  new slopie. Based on the 1948 Lulu Mk II but has been enlarged from 50 to 79.5" span and all new construction methods with much better airfoils for the wing and the tail plane. All up weight is 28ozs (750 grams) with an area of 6 sq ft for a loading of 4.66 oz per sq ft. Martin's PSS Spitfire going through its paces.
Martin's PSS Spitfire going through its paces. Martin's PSS Spitfire. You cannot mistake that profile.
Darryl after the successfull maiden of his Speedo. Darryl's Speedo in flight.
Dave launching one of his. Martin launching his skydancer.
Dave with one of his PSS models. Aido's Transall after an extensive rebuild.


Is it good flying weather???

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