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Going Flying?

All of our flying sites are on privately owned land. Westcoast Soarers members have permission to fly on these sites.

We ask all our members and their visitors to respect the wishes of the owners as we are grateful for the use of their land.

Visitors are guests of our club and we ask that you respect our club and its rules at all times.

Visitors MUST be accompanied while on our sites by a member of the club.

Non members are only allowed to fly at Westcoast Soarers sites (and only in company of a current member) a maximum of THREE (3) times before they are required to join the club or else stop flying at these sites. This does not mean 3 times at each site it is 3 times total.

The owners of our flying sites will ask for proof of Westcoast Soarers membership.

Most of our flying site are located with approximately 20 minutes of Geelong C.B.D.

Please take a look at the Photo Gallery.

We also have access to several less used sites on the coast.  As you can see, it is well worth becoming a member.


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